PRODUCT REVIEW: The I.O.Shen Suraisu Slicer

For many years knife manufacturers have been trying to achieve the ultimate cutting edge and knife owners have been waiting for a range of knives which achieves this. With I.O.Shen you can rest assured that if you invest in a set of knives, or you simply want to buy an individual knife for a particular purpose, then the cutting edge and design quality are second to none. A quality knife serves as an extension of the chefs’ hand. Whether used to delicately slice vegetables, crush through bones or fillet the freshest of fish, a sharp knife is an essential tool for all food preparation.

I.O.Shen knives are crafted from quality Japanese stainless steel using Triplex Technology. Each knife has been individually sharpened to a 15-degree angle to ensure accurate slicing every time. Sharp, balanced and stylish, you are promised a full range of quality knives fit for any job in the kitchen.

The unique selling point of all I.O.Shen knives are the fact they are comprised of three different layers of steel to create the blade. One layer of super hard steel (Rockwell 62°) between two layers of softer stainless steel (Rockwell 10°). The Tai Tang handle has a unique design that distinguishes the knife as an I.O.Shen; It is made from a synthetic material called ebonite and the handle is both durable and heat resistant. The Tai Tang is not simply an attractive embellishment; it is an integral part of the handle.

The Suraisu Slicer.

I recently trialled the I.O.Shen Suraisu Slicer putting it through it’s paces over a three week period in order to give it a rigorous workout. I have to say it proved ideal for numerous functions in both the professional and home kitchens alike. The first thing I noticed was how comfortably it fits into the hand, It has a really robust feel to it without being overly bulky and the quality of production sings out. It makes short work of carving and slicing and going through 12 whole fillets of beef sliced ultra thin and served as carpaccio without stopping to re-sharpen is no easy task. I found it had perfect control with the smallest of tasks including slicing tomatoes, a job for a smaller knife maybe, but I was asked to put it to work so I did. The long blade allows large pieces of meat to be cut into clean, even slices and The Suraisu Slicer made light work of the Sunday roast.

The Suraisu Slicer has been designed by Wayne Sullivan (@ChefWayner), and Wayne wanted something a little different in a slicing knife when he set about his design strategy. His first decision was to create a lighter weight to the knife, and the handle design was one of the ways to achieve this. As all of the larger knives in the I.O.Shen range have the chunkier handle (I must mention though at this point that they have all served me well in the past and continue to do so now), it made sense to develop The Suraisu Slicer with a noticeably smaller handle. By doing this they have raised the bar when it comes to slicing knives. I found this design aspect useful, as the balance and improved handling is really noticeable in comparison to the other larger knives in the I.O.Shen range.

The second design change to be found with The Suraisu Slicer is the blade. While most knives have a natural curve to the blade which obviously aids slicing, the pronounced curve on the Suraisu Slicer takes this to the next level. The length coupled with the Japanese edge helps with precision cutting and graceful slices. The tanto tip (known for its great power and strength) completes the look, feel and balance of the knife.

To summarise, the overall balance of the knife and the superb craftsmanship definitely make this the best slicing knife I have ever used. It is stronger than any knife I have owned and it has a remarkable ability to stay sharp for a very long time. I would however suggest you treat your knives differently and care for them lovingly. The sole purpose of my knife was to put it through some serious abuse to see how it handled under pressure in the kitchen. It certainly lived up to the challenge!

The Suraisu Slicer will be available from summer 2017 from I.O.Shen knives.

Knife Wizard Ltd / I.O.Shen
Unit A2, Rowood Estate
Murdock Road, Bicester
OX26 4PP

Tel: +44 1869 357700
Fax: +44 1869 357758

Twitter: Natalie McVeigh @IOShenknives

Wayne Sullivan
Head Chef
The Old Stocks Inn
The Square
GL54 1AF

Telephone: 01451 830 666

Twitter: Wayne Sullivan @ChefWayner


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