Hilltop Restaurant Gloucester – Nepalese and South Indian Cuisine

A guest review by Sue Reeve @mrsverypicky

Hilltop 1Having moved from London to the Shires 10 years ago, we missed restaurants serving South Indian food. A friend advised me of The Hilltop Restaurant, which serves South Indian and Nepalese food and we visited together 9 years ago (after going to see Love Actually!)

Since then my husband and I have been visiting every 6-8 weeks and the reason for our repeated visits is firstly due to the fact that we are creatures of habit, (more of which later), but more importantly it’s simply great food and consistently well cooked! The flavours are always exactly the same, unlike some curry houses where you can tell when the regular chef is off!

Hilltop 2This place doesn’t look much from the outside and is never going to win awards on the interiors stakes, but take it from me; it looks a lot better than it did before renovations took place following a fire several years ago!
The menu is not your bog standard choice of curry, and as it features both Nepalese and South Indian food there are new things to discover although you’ll also see some old favourites. There’s plenty of choice for vegetarians too.

I mentioned earlier we are creatures of habit. This is the one restaurant we go to where we always eat EXACTLY the same on every visit. In fact a couple of the waiters don’t even bring the menu now, just recite our regular order to us!
I always go for Masala Vadai to start. This is a spicy lentil Pattie, served with a fantastic coconut relish, tasty and great flavours. My husband’s choice is always the Sheek Kebab.
Hilltop ChefMy main course is always a Masala Dosai. This is another south Indian dish, consisting of a large crispy pancake (made of lentil flour) and filled with a spicy potato curry. It’s then rolled up and served with more of the coconut relish and a small Lentil Sambal. (This is listed as a starter and a couple of slight variations are available.)

My husband’s main course is always Chicken Dhansak and Pilau rice. The flavours are great and always consistent in taste etc.
There’s always an interesting and eclectic bunch of customers. It’s around the corner from the stunning Gloucester Cathedral and down the road from the Gloucester rugby ground. (Beware you may have difficulty getting in “on spec” after a match.) So you could be dining next to clergy, rugby fans or some of the local British/Asian population (always a good sign!)

It’s always an incredibly reasonable meal. The meal described with a couple of beers each, Poppadum’s and a solitary mango lassi comes in at around £40.
Hilltop FoodThe Hilltop Restaurant,
19 Worcester Street,

01452 308377
email: info@hilltoprestaurant.net

OPEN DAILY 12 NOON – 2.30 PM 6PM – 11.30PM

Easy parking in the road (free after 18.30.)


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