My simple Chicken Liver Pâté

PatePâté really does have to be celebrated as a fantastic starter or just served as a comfort food snack. For many years it appeared on the menus of most restaurants and is a firm favourite of the modern gastro pub starter menu, but has it suddenly become out of favour?

I have noticed recently that it has started to disappear and while I have seen it on some of the Bistro styled restaurants out and about on my travels, I definitely have experienced a lack of this basic, simple staple Pâté starter.

Perhaps the introduction of the more modernist Pâtés such as mackerel, mushroom and other such ingredients all with a little Champagne or Brandy thrown in for good measure has forced the more traditional chicken liver Pâté to take a back seat.

Pâté is the French literal translation for pie and it was traditionally served baked in a crust (en croute). The purpose of the crust was to hold the ingredients together and was never intended to be eaten. The variations of today’s modern Pâté are endless, beef, pork, duck, chicken, seafood, coarse, chunky, smooth and either served hot or cold, but for me, my favourite is a simple, tasty Chicken Liver Pâté.


This simple and quick method recipe will comfortably serve 8

30g of salted butter
1 clove garlic, peeled and chopped
2 tablespoons of very finely chopped shallots
150gchicken livers, trimmed and chopped
2 tablespoons dry sherry
1 teaspoon of brandy
100g full fat cream cheese, softened
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to season

Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium a heat. Stir in garlic, shallot and chicken livers.

Reduce heat to low, and simmer for approximately 10-12 minutes, until the chicken livers are tender and no longer pink.

Place the chicken liver mixture in a blender with dry sherry, brandy and cream cheese, salt and pepper. Blend until smooth. Transfer to individual ramekins or a bowl, cover and chill in the refrigerator for four hours before serving.

How simple is that? Ideal served on toast or how about a crusty French stick. Why not have a go at making your own Melba toast to try it with?

Happy eating!

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